SUBPROXG™ The ideal solution for "Publication Houses", The softwares integrates all essential modules like issues & volume manager, subscriber & subscriptions manager, tarrif & advert manager, knowledgebase & customer relation manager, sales & distribution and ....request demo 
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Softocrat, is a privately held software product company in Kathmandu, Nepal. It specializes in publication house software solutions for small to large-sized businesses.

Our "Subscription Management Software" can handle paid/unpaid subscriptions, and is one of it's kind software solution available in market today.

The "Issue (Volume) Manager" keeps tracks of stock of each and every issues of publication. It can describe how many copies were printed from press, how many copies were to sent to subscriber, how many copies were sent for promotion and recycled etc.

The "Ad-management Solution" streamlines the advertising process by integrating ad-management functions for newspaper and magazines.

"Stand Sales Solution", software facilitates bulk copy selling and distribution.

The "Customer Relation Manager" integrates knowledge base and complaint registration and follow-up process in one module.


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