SUBPROXG™ The ideal solution for "Publication Houses", The softwares integrates all essential modules like issues & volume manager, subscriber & subscriptions manager, tarrif & advert manager, knowledgebase & customer relation manager, sales & distribution and ....request demo 
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After 2006

We are porting all application modules to Microsoft .NET framework 2.0. The .NET beta version will be availble for demo by September 2006.

ASP.NET is the web development technology of Microsoft's .NET development platform. While it has a lot in common with its predecessor, Active Server Pages, ASP.NET is a quantum leap over classic ASP

Technology & Tools

•Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

•Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 *Compitable

•Microsoft ISS 5.1

•Zapatec UI Controls

•Microsoft Workflow Engine - Beta

•Microsoft Enterprise Library - January 2006 (Data Handling, Logging, Error Reporting, Security & Cryptography)


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